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Customer Satisfaction Policy

We have adopted to establish cooperation that creates mutual value with our customers with affection and respect by adopting to produce high-quality products as a principle with our innovative, ecological and customer-oriented service approach since the day we carry on business as COPA in HVAC sector.

We place emphasis to understand our customers’ demands in the best way and to respond to these demands with our employees and stakeholders in the fastest way in all our processes.

Thanks to our global point of view as well as our flexible and easily adaptable structure, we provide service by dealing with our domestic as well as foreign customers in a customizable manner. 

All suggestions, complaints and feedbacks at our contact addresses that allow our customers to contact with us at any time are important for us. We address and evaluate any suggestions, complaints and feedbacks from our customers as quick as possible. We take care to improve our weaknesses by taking into account of suggestions, to resolve any complaints and feedbacks and to prevent their reoccurrence.