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Copa Isı Sistemleri, which is the leading company in HVAC industry, with the production of electric oil-filled radiators in Bursa Nilüfer Industrial Zone in 1992. Copa Isı Sistemleri started to produce Steel Panel Radiators with the widespread use of natural gas in 1995 and had operations only in Turkey market which was started to focus on export markets after 1999.

Copa Heizung GmbH was established in Duisburg, Germany in 2005 and the ‘COPA’ was born. Thus, COPA products were started to be sold in the whole Europe especially in Western Europe, Benelux and Scandinavian countries.

COPA, which has been active only in the European markets, began its own branded dealership network in Turkey during 2011.

Today, the company exports more than 65% of its production to over 40 countries across 4 continents with an annual capacity reached 2,200,000 panel radiators, 150,000 towel radiators and 30,000 gas water heaters in its modern production facilities.

COPA has 30 direct distributor dealership in Turkey and more than 60 in export countries with a wide range of products such as panel radiators, decorative panel radiators, air conditioners, towel radiators, radiator valves and fixing equipments.