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Flat Surface Radiators

General Features
Horizontal Decorative Radiators, which warm the environment in a short time by minimizing the output loss, provide maximum savings. Horizontal Decorative Radiators, transmits most of the heat through its convectors therefore the flat surface on the front side has a gentle heat that doesn't give the feeling of high heat on the radiator's surface when touched. This enables Horizontal Decorative Radiators, to be working in schools, hospitals and nurseries in safe and comfort. In addition to high thermal efficiency it has standard and premium flat surface alternatives.
11, 21, 22
200mm, 300mm, 500mm, 600mm
400mm, 600mm, 800 mm,.................2600mm
Safe To Use
COPA radiators, which have international certifications, are subject to quality control procedures at every stage of production and guaranteed for 10 years.