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Our Information Security Policy

“We, as the employers of COPA, promise to follow the Information Security Policy. Our management staff is responsible for the units under its management to follow the Information Security Policy and the relevant procedures.”

The ISO 27001 standard of the Information Security Management System approved to protect our company’s information assets against internal and external threats; this standard ensures the consumption of our resources efficiently and prevents any disruption in our business continuity and any possible customer victimization.

In line with the requirements secured by the Information Security Policy;

  • Identification of processes and information assets and methodically evaluation of the relevant risks
  • Protection of information from unauthorized access
  • Ensuring information confidentiality
  • Protection of information integrity
  • Ensuring access to information whenever required by business processes
  • Meeting any legal obligations and contractual legal obligations
  • Development and improvement of business continuity plans
  • Providing Information Security trainings to all employees
  • Notification of all Information Security breaches or any suspected breaches to Information Security Board and investigation of them